Lazy blogger

I apologize but I’ve become a lazy blogger!

There are a couple of reasons and both of them good, the best being that I don’t have much to say. Not being in active treatment means that there are few updates to my breast cancer life at the moment. I’m certain there will be plenty more just around the corner as I have scans and tests looming later this month. A twinge here a bit of an ache there …

But today I want to share with you a couple of useful links from Breast cancer care:

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Domestic bliss?

Well as I’m still here and haven’t yet been wiped out either by the Big C or in an accident then real life must at times prevail. I’m not having any aggressive treatment, no chemo, no radiotherapy, no scans, just a couple of pills a day and they are giving me at the 11th hour a quality of life I haven’t had for ages. No need for bed days, rests, or time-outs. This is living life in all its many guises …

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When reality collides …

Living with cancer can be a little like living in a bubble. You are somehow both in and out of a kind of reality. During active treatment your life is about endless hospital appointments, dates, feeling good days, less good days, low blood days when you can’t eat out, mask days, home days and bed days. Your previous life is on hold or for some over. There are also all of those questions about what happens after this treatment ends, what will my life look like next?

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Should I eat soya?

Once you’ve been diagnosed with breast cancer then another whole series of other questions arise about plotting your path to health apart from the usual surgery, chemo, radiation and possible hormone treatment. And of course there are so many things to consider about diet and lifestyle that it becomes a mine field of should I shouldn’t I questions! You could end up pulling out your last remaining hair with the stress of it all …

SHOULD I or SHOULD’NT I eat soya. Someone please help me!

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Know your lemons

Firstly I would like to apologize to anyone who doesn’t have a Face Book page, currently I think that equals my dad as everyone else I am acquainted with under the age of 88 has one. But those in the know are also aware that there is this ridiculous thing on FB where people try to persuade others into pasting things on their page in the name of raising awareness …

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Counting cancer

Just as we all like to mark birthdays, we also all count our cancerversaries. How many years since first diagnosis, how many since completion of treatment, how many years clear, how many since rediagnosis and so on. A lovely friend was marking her 8 years clear since diagnosis but with a hearty reminder to us all that we are never out of the cancer woods, just look at Olivia Newton-John she managed an amazing 25 years and then it turned up again.

I don’t know her but I love this woman – Kristin Hallenga

And much at the same time Kristin Hallenga founder of Coppafeel was also celebrating her 9 years since she first went to her GP with ‘lumpy boob’ and at the ridiculously tender age of 23 was diagnosed with breast cancer. She’s only 31 now. Both my friend and Kris Hallenga have achieved a huge amount since diagnosis, both have been moved to help others. One founded an internet support group and the other established the first ever group to encourage women to check their breasts. Both much needed and valued by hundreds indeed thousands of women.

We are so lucky in this age of social media that at our fingertips we can find support, information, friendship and a platform to reach out to people who understand and to share our experiences in the hope that it may be useful to others.

On this anniversary I would like to offer you Kris Hellenga’s latest blog entry ‘How to glitter a turd’ – it’s about her life on reaching this important anniversary. I think what I love most about it is that like me she has advanced, stage 4, metastasis breast cancer but she has taken a new direction both in her life and treatment regime and amazingly opened a cafe in a van. Wow what a woman. ┬áIt’s inspirational – read on;

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