Rosie’s travels – Day 3

A wonderful weekend up in stunning Stathern with my sister Mary and my lovely friend Charla, her husband John and Alfie. The sun mainly shone for us and included a trip to the beautiful gardens of Doddington, walks, breakfast at Dickies, and so much more!

And yet another of my many repeat ‘Last’ visits. This is a place I can never tire of, with people I can never get bored of. A very special place in my heart …


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  1. Rosebud, Rosebud – I am so glad to be able to read your beautifully written blog from afar (down under) – as you say – the joys of technology make it so much more bearable to be far away. Your bravery is stunning and with your wonderful Ali by your side who has been through horrendous loss of a loved one before – he must be so proud of your courage. I know we haven’t seen each other for more than 20 years but I have so many fun memories of our years at
    school together, walking to school every morning and our numerous naughty holidays in Aldeburgh – I still think of your Ma’s amazing Scooby snack sarnies that she would make us after a big night out. I so wish I could see you and Charla – sadly I’ve just been to the UK so just missed your visit by a few days. Keep writing – you do it so exquisitely and you are helping so many women with your support group. They are extremely blessed. Sending you huge love darling. Bella xxxx ❤️️

      1. God, you are right about naughty! Too much fun was had … and I’m sure you and Hannah helped bury my hamster which had fallen down the stairs and died. Oh and getting caught with packets of cigarettes and smoking all over the place. Did we ever do any work? We’ll have to have a virtual reality catch up xxx

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