Rosie’s travels – Day 4

And look who we have here! My fellow stage 4er, advanced, terminal, life loving buddy Nikki. Sadly the photo only shows the tea cups but we celebrated being together with a little prosecco! An absolute must. 

However whenever we meet no matter how much other news, holidays or lovely plans we may have, of course the real nuts and bolts of our chat is about cancer, treatment, what next or where it might spread to next and of course those blessed side effects.

Nikki arrived with a bag load of goodies for me, all related to the ongoing legacy of chemo, chronic constipation. My going home present included an enema kit, pills to soften stools and more. Nikki is practical, full of brilliant advice and I always feel more sorted once we’ve had one of our chats. There’s no time left for embarrassment, this is straight down to the nitty gritty! How rare and refreshing is that.

She’s in a trial, I’m not but we are essentially on the same treatment regime and both of us feeling great. For me it is amazing after years of having constant chemo to now be several months out of it and feeling the benefits of being free of all that toxic load!

Nikki is also at a point in the trial where she spends one day every two weeks having bloods checked but apart from that we are two women with terminal cancer who are getting on with our lives and neither of us look remotely ill.

When I saw an oncologist in London the other day she looked at me and simply said that if she hadn’t seen the results she would never have known that I’m riddled with cancer. We are doing a very good job of living normal lives. Whenever I speak to Nikki she’s out on a bike, back from the gym or a swim or out just doing stuff and I’m usually in, on or near the sea. Yes of course there are ups and downs, good and bad days and the lurking fear but we seem to manage some of that by giving each other a lot of support and advice.

We are not sitting around waiting for anything! I feel so good I’ve actually decided that perhaps I should take on a few students and consider earning a some pennies for the first time in three years! And perhaps wrongly I’m making a few tentative plans for the first time in years! Perhaps even a return visit?

But I have one night left here before I go back to Turkey and so excited as going to see one of my very special friends!

Life is lovely and I’m still squeezing every last drop out of it @

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