Here we are again …

I ended my holidays with a final night with more special friends, Mo and Rich. Brilliant mates, the passing of time is never a worry as we simply pick up where we left off …

And it was a lovely send off, bottle of champagne, nice dinner and a couple of glasses of red wine and then back to Turkey via a god awful flight obviously full of hysterical kids some excited about going on holiday and some terrified about flying. Either way the result was the same, a lot of screaming.

And I landed, was met by my lovely Ali, quick sleep and straight back to hospital for my monthly bone treatment. This is a ‘chemo’ that is designed to protect bones from further chipping, breaking and fracturing. Fortunately there are few if any side effects. But poor Antalya is slowing steaming itself into mulch, 35 degrees with 100% humidity and the nights are the same.

I am different as well, hotter but also I don’t feel like a cancer patient anymore. I feel better than I have done in ages and in part I’m sure that is because I’m no longer being poisoned by chemo on a weekly basis. In its place I’m taking the very non- toxic palbociclib and I think it may be doing something good. I feel NORMAL, so much so that I have also decided that I need to start working again and am hoping to take on some students too as I was an English teacher in my former life.

It’s not possible to have a PET scan for another month so I can’t be sure that the cancer is being held at bay but I do wonder if it may be slowing down. Fingers crossed. And look how I ended my first day back, at a concert in the open air theatre in Antalya!

Living and loving life @ with Ċževval Sam


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