Know your lemons

Firstly I would like to apologize to anyone who doesn’t have a Face Book page, currently I think that equals my dad as everyone else I am acquainted with under the age of 88 has one. But those in the know are also aware that there is this ridiculous thing on FB where people try to persuade others into pasting things on their page in the name of raising awareness …

and showing support for a cause or an issue. It may be about a wide range of things everything from mental health, friendship, bullying to breast cancer.

Most of the time we are encouraged to show our support on FB by copying, pasting, sharing, or liking a page and 90% of the time it’s an utterly futile gesture with doesn’t achieve any of its aims and ends up irritating people like me and making them want to switch off and ignore what the real issue is. At the heart of each of these pages there may be an important message which they are failing to get across however sometimes I come across real, well thought out, expressed and effective pages as happened just today: a brilliant piece describing what MS is and all its effects, something I had never had any knowledge of before.

Pages which promote genuine understanding and knowledge I would gladly share with my friends. We are still so ignorant of many things and we can use social media to spread powerful and accurate messages for the good of us all.

A fellow breast cancer friend posted her thoughts on the matter the other day, let’s call her Tracy:

I was really hoping that people would have learnt the last time this topic was discussed (breast cancer) that sending my pink sisters and I those FB messages about posting something cryptic to your profile to keep men guessing what you’re talking about would have got the frigging message by now!!

But no, it’s doing the rounds again.

In the time it took you to forward that message on to friends you could have checked at least one of your breasts.

While we all appreciate the sentiment behind it … it does nothing to get you to check your breasts and how many people can actually say they have checked themselves after receiving one of those messages.

Instead why not send this photo attached to your gal pals and guy chums (yes men can get breast cancer too)

When checking yourself it’s not to go looking for a cancerous lump it’s about educating yourself about your body and being able to spot any changes early on, and that’s where I think the real issue lies, a good majority of people are too scared to check incase they do find something, that’s why we need to turn it around.

Also check your armpits and round your neck too. You are checking yourself for good, not bad.

Let’s educate everyone … get checking yourself and learning about your body.

And do you know what, she’s spot on! So without further ado and without anymore time wasting let’s check out our boobs instead. First let’s look at an educational shot of what boobs shouldn’t look like;

And what about an image which shows how to check your breasts – don’t forget both standing and lying down:

It’s time to take responsibility for your own breast health. If you want to put something on your page why not use one of these images or check out the following links and use some of theirs;



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