Domestic bliss?

Well as I’m still here and haven’t yet been wiped out either by the Big C or in an accident then real life must at times prevail. I’m not having any aggressive treatment, no chemo, no radiotherapy, no scans, just a couple of pills a day and they are giving me at the 11th hour a quality of life I haven’t had for ages. No need for bed days, rests, or time-outs. This is living life in all its many guises …

And yes sadly that includes a whole host of domestic tasks. As imminent death seems to be off the menu for the time being I do actually have to undertake and perform daily chores. I have seriously run out of excuses. So post last week’s accident and also being carless I decided to devote myself to getting house jobs done.

Began in the downstairs larder – for about 4 months a year the larder’s a cool 30 degrees, in other words really rather warm and everything in it cooks, rots, grows fur, lumps, wievels appear from nowhere and maggots are swarming in the sealed packs of rice, lentils, chickpeas … its like a biblical plague in there. So that was area one! All dried goods and pounds of fruits and nuts have now been thrown out for the chickens and are providing nourishment to the garden.

Next after the larder was the cupboard which is loosely used to contain ‘stuff’ – cleaning things, plastic bags of all sizes and uses, tea and hand towels, table cloths, out of date first aid bandages and iodine and various other stuff! Some utterly useless and the odd useful thing appeared from the depths of this wasteland. The thing which drew my attention was the copper polish which had been languishing in the back since I had moved in nearly 10 years ago. Our collection of stunning stainless steel and copper coated professional class pans are now a murky shade of greeny brown sludge. I polished one and then realized that I’m actually going to have to clean them all. Slowly – I decided.

Other drawers followed and finally ended when I took on ‘The Fridge.’ It sounds like a lycra clad wrestling champion but it was not as fun. The fridge had been smelling bad for some time and it just couldn’t go on. Half filled jars of jam and bits of cheese and other pungent things stuck in the back which had been totally forgotten and were now long past their sell by date. Anyway I now have a spotless fridge but still crammed full of slightly less moldy items.

It’s exhausting feeling fine and taking on the tasks which I simply couldn’t have contemplated last year. Oh domestic bliss – I’m enjoying all this cupboard cleaning, descaling, polishing, washing and throwing away. Feels like a really good spring clean in time to welcome in the autumn.

One happy and satisfied breast cancer warrior. Sometimes every day life is best!

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  1. Oh my sister – cancer warrior princess and now Domestic Diva. Love it. Can’t wait to see your sparkling clean home and non-pongey fridge :))

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