Lazy blogger

I apologize but I’ve become a lazy blogger!

There are a couple of reasons and both of them good, the best being that I don’t have much to say. Not being in active treatment means that there are few updates to my breast cancer life at the moment. I’m certain there will be plenty more just around the corner as I have scans and tests looming later this month. A twinge here a bit of an ache there …

But today I want to share with you a couple of useful links from Breast cancer care:

Apart from a website full of useful information there is also a special app called BECCA which you can download. This acknowledges the difficulties, fears and depression which often follow the end of treatment. It can provide a programme tailor-made to your interests and needs. It covers everything from exercise and cooking to forums and fears.

Just type BECCA into the search on their site and it comes up. You can read about it and then decide whether to download it to your phone or other gizmo.

And what about this a magazine which you can download via their website for free:

And just as a suggestion of a worthwhile read why not try this blog about moving on whilst facing the enormity of the threat of cancer. This survivor tells of how mindfulness helped her cope.

I thank my lucky stars that we are living in the internet age, we have support, information and the tools for communication at our fingertips.

More from the lazy blogger soon @

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