A conversation between …

two stage 4ers! This discussion actually took place on Face Time with me on the beach and my best cancer bud Nikki Bregazzi from her bed just the other day.

Me: What are you doing? Why are you in bed?

Her: Oh you know just one of those viral things! God I never get ill (obviously forgot that she has terminal cancer) actually I got my scan results yesterday!

me: And … ??

Her: Stable.

Me: Stable! That’s bloody brilliant, fantastic.

Her: Well actually there’s been some shrinkage …

Me: No way, that’s incredible, how much shrinkage (I’m nearly beside myself with this good news)

Her: 1 millimeter

Me: Hehe … still fantastic! God the treatment’s working.

Her: Oh and there are the usual suspicious areas, shadows they always call them but I know what they are! I didn’t ask for the report, I didn’t want to see it in black and white.

Me: Yes but they are still shadows and you have so many fab treatment options available to you, you haven’t even started on the big guns yet. You have a whole chemo arsenal at your disposal like all those taxols!

Her: You’re right, I always feel better after we chat. And what about you?

Me: You know, I’m fine (about to go for a swim) going to have an MRI on Tuesday, have the odd twinge in my back. I think I just need a little zap,  a bit of radiotherapy and brill as also have treatment on the same day. I feel great, probably just a bit more spread in the bones, I don’t actually feel like there’s anything untoward in any other areas.

Her: Great and you could ask them about the cyber knife thing too.

Me: Oh and I forgot to tell you the best news of all! I’ve had a really good dose of diarrhea …

This announcement lead to cheering and howls of laughter from both of us. And I went off to throw myself in the sea and we both signed off chuckling and feeling so much better.

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