First day back …

And it’s been a long hot summer, finally the kids are almost all back to school. And just like the students it’s time for me to pass a few tests of my own.

First up blood test, will I won’t I? It needs to be above a certain count before I can have my treatment, my bone serum, like a face serum but a little more hard core. Bloods are further compromised by palbociclib which lowers your white count however it seems that the ones which remain are more robust and able to fight infection.

Next on today’s list of lovelies is the poop test, I have had diarrhea recently. It was such a pleasant change not to be constipated that I just enjoyed it for the first few days but am now a little more concerned by it.

And number 3 on today’s list of exams is an MRI, although I probably won’t know if I’ve passed or not until later in the week it seems that I’m mentally preparing myself for a resounding F for fail in that department.

So I’ve got my bag packed for my first day back at school, I feel like a cool high school student, seen it, done it, got the t-shirt so will take it all in my stride. And so another year begins … what will it have in store I ask myself .

Before the weather totally turns however I feel another few swims and a bit of fishing is in order. Never one to get overly stressed by exams and I see no reason to change that habit now.




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  1. Good luck darling Rosie with the exams. I hope the poo returns to a healthy state soon. Looking forward to more swims and that fish you caught Tuesday was delish! You are nothing short of a proffessional on the fishing front! Much love x

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