Name: Rosie Emma Alexandra Mason

I was born in Colchester in 1970. As a family we moved from Bures in Suffolk to London in 1976. Family folk lore has it that my sister Mary no longer recognized dad. He got up early to take the train up to London and so we hardly ever saw him.

I spent what was probably weeks but felt like years from between the ages of 2-3 in and out of hospital for a congenital hip. It had gone undiagnosed as someone hadn’t done the clicky hip check when I was born. Once again as family myth has it, according to the local doctor the reason why I limped and could barely walk was because I was copying my father, who also has a limp as a result of a car accident when he was about 9! Finally someone came to their sences, I think the local district nurse, had an X-ray done and low and behold, I had a hip and socket which simply were not in the right place.

I vaguely remember traction followed by surgery. I had both legs in plaster, was totally immobile and stank of wee. I had a specially made trolly which I lay on, on my stomach and propelled myself around, all the while being guarded by our equally smelly black lab ‘Julie’

A very auspicious start to my life.

It was punctuated with the odd accident; for example the time when I put my hand through the window and ended up with a flap of skin hanging down my forearm and every tendon attaching my fingers to my arm cut through! The only thing I managed to avoid was the main artery and so it began … a life full of excitement and unpredictability.

Lots of usual things happened, school, uni, first love, second love and …

Then I discovered teaching and was away, loving every minute of my life working in Newham and then a brief stint in Islington before I fell deeply in love with the Med, Turkey, a man and I moved to Turkey in 2000.

And that was when my life really began and I was REBORN!