What are you going to do?

So with the ringing of the bell, maybe a cake, and a final zap and a buzz many women come to the end of their active breast cancer treatment with a last session of radiotherapy. They leave the hospital with a follow up date in the diary or two, a three month appointment and a simple ‘BYE.’

And then what?

A big black hole is what.

And what does that feel like? Empty, hollow, scary, you’ve won the battle, you are victorious but …

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VIRTUAL FRIENDS and the longest night

Girls you all know who you are but for all the others not in the know let me fill you in. I have a gang of entirely virtual friends from all over the globe and we are united by one thing breast cancer. This is a sympathetic, warm and loving bunch, ready to listen and share virtual tears and laughter. They respond any time of day or night as someone is always awake somewhere in the world.

You’ve already met some of the stars of this group, Norma and Rose but there are so many more; I’d like to introduce you to Jill who guides the group and keeps us in check, Ethel who provides us with wonderful turns of phrase and humour, Keri who always finds just the right response and tone with everyone in all situations and Tracy, Jan, Melissa and so many more wonderful women besides.

We are from America, the United Kingdom, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Scandinavia, Europe, Turkey and the Middle East. We are an international and pretty classy bunch sharing our daily trials and tribulations, both good and bad news, rants, tears and sometimes things not connected with our breast cancer.

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This post could also be entitled Stamford Hill Wives, ‘The Soup Diaries’ or perhaps it should simply be Girlfriends – They Rock!

Before tequilla slammers: Rosie, Mo, Lucy, Charl (1998?)

The same girls have been with me from the begining of my story and they’re still here with me today.

Despite not living in the same country for the last 17 years our friendship has survived, ebbed and flowed but we are all here for eachother as ever.

These are the girls I have grown up with, bunked off with, slammed tequilla shots with, vomited with, on one occasion even shared a boyfriend with, although I’m pleased to say not at the same time and along the way I’ve gone from being arty farty Rosie at Central/St.Martins, to Right on Rose, the North London teacher, and then later whilst carving out my new life in Turkey they offered me nothing but support until I finally became the person I am today.

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