Anyone for a game?

And back to the serious business of being a terminal breast cancer patient … Friday was day one of my new course of radiotherapy. It’s my treatment of choice but that comes at a cost as it’s everyday and a 200 km round journey. It does get a little tedious and rather tiring but I focus on the benefits. I’m pleased to say that I personally am not doing the driving and generally post zap I like to have a snooze on the way home. On Wednesday I also had to go to the hospital in order to be measured up for this course of treatment.

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Mystic Rose and her chrystal ball will reveal all …

So can you tell me what I have in store Mystic Rose, can you see what kind of day lies ahead on Monday?

Well, I can see that you have a nasty case of … wait, it’s coming to me! Yes of course, plague of almost everyone in the western world, a particularly bad dose of MONDAYITIS

Yes, tell me about it and do you know what? It began at about 9pm on Saturday so this one must be really bad. I know the cause of it of course but that doesn’t actually make any difference or seem to help in the slightest. Mine has been brought on by usual stresses of Monday and back to the office – oh scrap that, should read Monday at the hospital. I’ve been having a few ‘Oh shit’ thoughts about what may be in store.

  • What can you see ahead?
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