Rosie’s travels – Day 3

A wonderful weekend up in stunning Stathern with my sister Mary and my lovely friend Charla, her husband John and Alfie. The sun mainly shone for us and included a trip to the beautiful gardens of Doddington, walks, breakfast at Dickies, and so much more!

And yet another of my many repeat ‘Last’ visits. This is a place I can never tire of, with people I can never get bored of. A very special place in my heart …


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Rosie’s travels – day 1

London Zoo

What an amazing day, rained the whole time but that didn’t dampen a thing! What a special thing it was to spend yesterday with Gorgeous Grace and Lucy my childhood friend and of course the lovely Dilgesu my step-daughter. London zoo is magic … another of my many many final visits.

Stage 4 and still time for just one more – squeezing every drop out of life!

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Antalya Meme Kanseri Destek Grubu

Sadece iki ay önce en son ziyaretimden sonra İngiltere’den döndüğüm zaman Kızdım. Öfkeliydim çünkü şaşırtıcı Hep meme kanseri  hastası olarak aldığım tıbbi bakım, orada hissettim O resmin hayati bir yönü eksikti. Kadınların paylaştığı tecrübeler Ve birbirlerini desteklemek ve tabii ki eğlenmek için bir araya gelebilirler.

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Antalya Breast Cancer support group

Just two months ago when I came back from England after my most recent visit to see my dad, sis and friends I was angry because despite the amazing medical care which I have always received here as a breast cancer patient, I felt that there was a vital aspect missing. The bit where women share common experiences and can come together in order to support one another and of course to have some fun.

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Not a bucket list

I don’t have a bucket list but when I reflect back on what I have done since 2003 when I was first diagnosed I realize what I have achieved. Cancer made me focus on undertaking things which were more important than navel gazing and it is in the years since then that I have lived the most.

So what have I done?

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What are you going to do?

So with the ringing of the bell, maybe a cake, and a final zap and a buzz many women come to the end of their active breast cancer treatment with a last session of radiotherapy. They leave the hospital with a follow up date in the diary or two, a three month appointment and a simple ‘BYE.’

And then what?

A big black hole is what.

And what does that feel like? Empty, hollow, scary, you’ve won the battle, you are victorious but …

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You’ve sunk my battleship! OR Diagnosis part 2

L5-S1, T1-T2, C5 … what are these? Battleship coordinates! And so it begins but not on a games board but in my back. My spine from the top at C5 to the very bottom is a mess of fractures, lesions, and tumors, yes I have them all. And now we’re here today and trying to normalize the new information and get a new treatment plan. I’m actually almost convinced that the C5 compression fracture was sustained in the North terminal at Gatwick as a result of a spot of overzealous shopping! I’d been in London celebrating dad’s 88th birthday with my two sisters, Mary and her family and Lucy.

On the way back to Turkey I got a bit giddy in the duty free and filled my super light cabin luggage with face cream, lotions, perfumes, oh and champagne.

I was carrying a shoulder bag which I had also stuffed with mags, all with Jen or Jolie on the cover, delicious Pret sarnies, and a few packets of Fortnum’s teas and packets of Walker’s shortbread biscuits, oh and a few bars of chocolate. What had been a couple of kilos became a tank which I was propelling around the airport and then on to the plane.

And then this is where it went wrong, I had to pick it up over my head and put it in the luggage rack! Oh shit. Over the last few weeks I’d noticed a few tweaks in my back, a sensitive spot here and there.

But now it is uncomfortable when I lie down, uncomfortable to turn. Despite having a drawer full of powerful painkillers I haven’t reached for them yet.

I am obviously blessed with the pain threshold of an ox.

I didn’t notice the creeping tumor in my chest in 2010 until it had taken over almost all of my sternum and was equally unaware of the tumors in my iliac and sacrum (lower back to you and me) until they had totally felled me the day before my wedding.

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